PvP Tribes

PvP Tribe Settings

Our cluster is configured so that tribes are linked across the entire cluster. This means that as members of a tribe travel to other maps their tribe will automatically be created and members will be placed into it when joining a map.

If Tribe A merges into Tribe B, then all structures and Dinos will automatically merge into Tribe B on all maps once the owner of Tribe A travels to all maps. No longer do the owners of both tribes have to travel together to all maps to merge tribes.

This process does not auto merge all members. All members merging into the new tribe still need to be invited to the new tribe, just as it has always been.

Tribe Owners- It is important that you make it a point to travel to all maps so that your tribe is created and you are made the owner on each map by the system. IF the tribe owner fails to travel around to get ownership on all maps, bad things can happen if other members leave your tribe on those maps and no members are left. This includes tribes that are auto merged on maps where you have not visited before. Be smart and visit all maps to prevent the possible loss (will need to be wiped) of your tribe because you didn't own it!

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