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AGB Season 24: Wiping Oct 17th @ 2pm Central Time

Welcome to Season 24!

Season 24 starts at 2pm Central time for everyone (Patreons will have their early access at 1pm CDT)

Welcome to Season 24. For this cluster we have adjusted the rates to 3x XP, and 5x for Taming/Breeding/Maturation. Keep in mind Wildcard doubled up a short while back, so these are the equivalent of 6x XP, and 10x for the others.

Cave restrictions per tribe have been lifted, and raiding rules have gone back to a few cluster back where ONLY the Main Base of a tribe will have any type of raid cooldowns.

Soul pods will decay and charge just like regular cryopods, and tribes will be allowed 4 soul terminals with 100 slots each. And that is per map.

ORP will be ONLY via MAGA, and you will need to request the ORP pillar from admins just as before. There will be only one MAGA Pillar for each tribe for the cluster.

MAJOR change to ORP is that size of it. This cluster we are limiting ORP to a VERY small radius. It is large enough to protect 4 vaults and your 4 soul terminals. This video will show you how you can properly setup your ORP to protect as mentioned above.

As normal, there will be NO NPP for the first weekend.

Also as normal, there are tamed dinos that will not be allowed during the first week. See PvP rates page for the full list.

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