Ark Announcements

AGB PvP+PvE Season 26:
Launched March 12th

Season 26 Information

Here are the most notable items for this cluster:

14 Map Cluster

This cluster will consist of:

  • All 9 Official Maps + Fjordur as PvE+PvP maps.
  • 1 PvP Only Fjordur Map
  • 1 'PvP Playground' Valhalla Map.
  • 1 Ark Area Event Map. For those who haven't seen it you can view the mod Here.
  • 1 Rotating event Map where community events will be organized by admins and/or tribes.
PvE+PvP Maps
  • All players start out in, and remain in PvE mode until such time as the Tribe Leader choses to swap to PvP mode.
  • Tribes can go back and forth from PvE to PvP as much as they like. Note that there is a 2 hour cooldown on going back to PvE once you are in PvP Mode.
  • This makes PvP on these maps 100% opt in PvP only. No tribe on these maps can ever be Attacked or Raided without consenting to PvP.
PvP Only Map
  • We will run a PvP Only version of Fjordur for those wanting strictly PvP goodness.
  • This map will have higher gathering and taming Rates than the PvP+PvE Maps.
  • This map will have ORP for tribes to protect against offline raids. Details can be found on the Rates Page.
  • Our PvP rules apply on this map. Tribes that mutually agree to other terms can bypass our normal rules with admin approval.
PvP Playground
  • We will run a 'PvP Playground' Valhalla Map for PvP with no restrictions.
  • This map will have NO Orp at any time.
  • This map is where ANY (PvE or PvP) tribe or Tribes can go to get their PvP on without worry of losing their main bases.
  • Tribes can organize raids/events/fobbing PvP/etc with other tribes at any time to be played out on this map. When these events take place, ONLY the tribes that are involved in the raid/event may participate.
  • Any player caught disrupting an organized PvP event of any kind on this map will be banned.

Rates and Settings

  • Tribe sizes will be 10 max on all maps.
  • Tribe may ally with a maximum amount of 20 PLAYERS in an alliance. See Alliances.
  • Gathering and Taming will be higher on the PvP servers. See Rates.
  • Almost every Engram will be available to all players on all maps. (no tek buggy sorry)
  • Gachas will be limited to 6 per tribe per map.
  • ORP will be available for all tribe leaders on all maps (except Valhalla). ORP on the PvE+PvP maps will be 24/7 protection, whether you are online or offline. This will help in countering griefers luring wild dinos to your bases.

PvE and PvP as a Mixed Cluster

Bringing all modes of Ark back to a single cluster was a long and thought out process. Our best game play was always when EVERYONE played together. For many years the PvE and PvP players harmonized together in a single cluster.

This is a deliberate return to that. We will no doubt lose those "PvP players" that complain about the lack of PvP. The reality however is that our most casual PvP players never stopped PvPing with each other. All of these 'PvP heros' that wanted more pure PvP with less rules ended up playing the offline raid game anyway. So those players we will lose, and it will not be with a heavy heart.

What we should gain however will be the players that enjoy both PvP and PvE and can once again focus on their love of the game without having to worry about the no-lifers showing to offline raid you at 3 am.

Those that enjoy PvPing for the fun of it will do great. Not surprisingly, many of our PvE players LOVE to PvP. Many of them are retired PvP giants who woke up one day and found out they had a family.

Now EVERYONE can PvP when it fits their schedule, and no one needs to worry about risking their literal hundreds of hours of breeding and building to some offline raiding weeb that doesn't have the skill to face you online.

The Fjordur PvP only map gives those that WANT that constant Fear of terror that option. and our Valhalla map will give PvE and PvP tribes both a neutral place to face off and see who still has it.

We will be keeping a leaderboard of all of the PvP raids and Events that take place this cluster.

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