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AGB PvP Season 25:
Launched Dec 12th

Season 25 Information

Here are the most notable items for this cluster:

  • To encourage better PvP, we will start with 3 maps (Valguero, Crystal Isles and Island).
    • We will rotate other maps in every week for a few weeks at least (to keep everyone based up on the three key maps).
    • We WILL eventually open up all 9 maps as full time maps as the cluster matures.
  • Valguero will have the additional dino mod included.
  • Breeding Intervals lowered to .5x
  • The normal "first week taming ban" dinos ARE tameable immediately this cluster.
  • Caves will be off-limits for building during the first week.
  • Tribe and element items that can't be normally transferred can now be transferred by typing /upload at a terminal. The tribute mod is no longer required.
  • New Player protection will be in place from launch. First week will ONLY protect structures and raiding. It will not prevent world PvP.
  • Any tribe can disable their new player protection at any time they want. If a couple of tribes want to go at each other on day one, nothing will prevent both tribes from disabling their protection.
  • Alliances will be allowed for up to 4 players.
    • Four solo players can ally together.
    • Two 2 man tribes can ally together.
    • A 3 man tribe can ally with a solo player.
    • Simply put, an alliance can not exceed 4 players.
    • An Alliances Page has been created to provide instructions.
  • A new lottery system for players to gamble their points.
  • Tribes will be synchronized across all maps in the cluster. As players move from map to map, your tribe will be created automatically across the cluster. This will also help with tribes merging. This is a complex subject and is explained in detail on the Tribes Page.
  • Tribes will be auto created so no player can be tribeless.
  • ORP will be 12 foundations in size. Once an ORP energizes, everything in it will be immune. Tribes that combat log will suffer a 90 minute combat logging (this will scale from 30 minutes to 90 minutes during the first few weeks) penalty during normal hours.
  • ORP WILL NOT implement a combat logging penalty from 11pm Central to 9am Central. This allows tribes that need to keep real life hours the ability to log out at night and not be penalized for having to leave.
  • Some previously disabled items will be making a return. Once we have a full 100% list we will post it. Cliff notes- Some of the SS turrets will be returning, some of the previously banned Tek items and some of the max level items.

Post Wipe Rebuilds

  • Tribes that get completed wiped can request up to 7 days of 24/7 Raid Protection in order to rebuild.
  • This will come with rebuild kits (bases, crafting stations, resources, dinos, items etc) to help you get back on your feet.
  • This applies to tribes that have one main presence. If your tribe has multiple Walmart sizes bases on various maps, losing one, including your main base doesn't qualify as being 'fully wiped'

New Arena Map

We'll be running the Ark Arena mod as a separate server. For those who haven't seen it you can view the mod Here.

New In Game Store

We will be rolling out a new store that allows you to view and purchase all the items from a UI in game.

  • All of the items are visual now, so you don't have to know the IDs. BUT players who prefer to use the /buy command will still be able to do so.
  • All of the shop items and kits will display what is included in that package over on the right side of the interface.
  • Many of the Kit packages will be allowed to be re-purchased once you run out.
  • More detailed information on the store can be found on the Store Information page.
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