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Hosting Ark Servers since 2015

Season 26 PvE + PvP Launched on March 12th.

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Ark PvP + PvE Servers

We offer PvP and PvE in a single 12 map cluster. Players can opt into PvP whenever they like, but all Tribes default into PvE mode. Tribes can swap modes as often as they like or visit the PvP Playground map to PvP without risking their PvE Bases.

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PvP Only Maps.

We have a Fjordur PvP Only Map with ORP for the brave warriors who want the constant risk of attack and online raiding.

We will also have a Genesis 2 PvP Only map once that DLC is released.

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PvP Playground

Our Valhalla map is a PvP Playground map. It has no ORP and no PvP rules outside of whatever rules tribes agree upon for a PvP session.

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Our Community

AGB is over 2000 members strong and many have been gaming together here for 20+ years. Our community is a family with members from varying lifestyles, beliefs and values: Primarily adults with full time jobs and active family commitments. We come together to game.

Active Discord

Our Discord community is 2600+ members strong. Come hang out, get to know others and keep up on all things Ark. (Plus you can see other games AGB is involved with)

Drama Free Gaming

AGB is primarily a family friendly community that welcomes everyone, but we have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who violates any of our community Standards

Dedicated Servers

Ark runs on a 20 Core Xeon Gold 62610U Server. Our hardware is co-located at an Anexio data center to provide lag free gameplay.

No Pay to Win

AGB offers NO pay to win. Players can not buy items, dinos, tokens via any stores. We strive to provide a balanced game for everyone- no cash required.

Strong Admin Presence

We have a number of admins from all timezones to help provide support nearly any time of day. They are very active in discord and in game.

Active Community

AGB has been gaming together for 20+ years. Our community is very active and helpful. If you are new to any game you will find many members here willing to show you the ropes.

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