AGB Ark PvPvE Servers

AGB Public PvPvE Server Cluster

Our Public PvPvE casual cluster is oriented towards players who are looking to casually PvP and/or work through PvE content (caves, bosses, ascension etc). These servers have signficant rules in place to ensure casual gameplay. Offline raiding is exceptionally difficult, if not impossible against larger tribes.  Tribes on these clusters look to PvP / Raid in a more orgnanized pre-scheduled format.

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Public PvPvE Cluster Settings and Rates

Connections from Steam Family Shared accounts are rejected by default. You must post in Discord if you wish to be allowed to play on our servers if you are using a Family Share.

  • XP- 3x
  • Gathering- 4-6x (custom per resource)
  • Taming- 5x
  • Maturation- 10x
  • Incubation- 10x
  • Imprint Interval- .4x
  • Cave Damage- 10
New Player Protection
  • Not available on Extinction.
  • Automatically provides (4 days) of structure immunity. 
  • Protection ends early when any tribe member reaches level 80.
  • You can not damage structures while protected.
  • You may disable NPP early (tribe admins only)
  • Does not prevent PvP nor will it keep your dinos from being killed.
Offline Guard System (OGS)
  • Provides Offline Raid Protection
  • OGS pillars provides a bubble of 9 foundations.
  • Anything within the bubble can not be damaged or or killed.
  • Tribes are permitted ONE OGS cluster wide
  • You must request an OGS in Discord. Players can not craft them.
Tribe Settings
  • Max Tribe Size: 6
  • No tribe member rotations, no alternative tribe members on different maps of our cluster.
  • No Alliances: Setting disabled, but unofficial alliances are allowed for raiding, cooperation etc.
Player Settings
  • Player Speed Stats: .66x
  • Idle XP is heavily nerfed: .1x - Doing nothing (including just flying from Note to Note) gives very little XP reward. You will get FULL XP for Killing, Crafting and Harvesting.
Dino Settings
  • Max Dino Levels: 150 (190 for Wyverns and Rock Drakes)
  • NO Titanosaur spawns
  • Mana Resistance Nerfed
  • Brontos are NOT tamable
  • Aberration does not allow foreign dinos. See Wiki for Dinos that can transfer to Aberration
  • All S+ walls have 18k health
  • All turrets available at level 68
  • Turrets have a limit of 30 per 14 foundations. There is no limit to the max turrets that you can have.
  • NO Charge Batteries. Crafting requirements have been adjusted to compensate.
  • A number of S+ structures/items are not in game for lag and PvP balance reasons.