AGB Primitive PvP Rules

The Primitive PvP server is a primivitive style PvP server with very few rules.  As always, our Community Rules applies globally.

All tribes are encouraged to join our discord.  Any issues and/or questions our staff has with any tribe will be resolved there.  But if we can't find you in discord, we can't resolve any issues.

Violations of ANY rule listed on this website will have consequences depending on:

Punishment/Consequences can include any combination of the following:

General Rules

  • Any exploiting, duping, botting, macro farming, dual-boxing will result in a ban on all of our servers. Any form of glitching will earn you a permanent ban and your remaining tribe may be structure wiped.
  • You are prohibited from changing Tribe and Dino names to hide your identity for PvP or raiding purposes.
  • TRIBE INSIDING/SABOTAGE - Any player joining or leaving a tribe, using any methods or tactics that MAY be view as having the intent of sabotaging them for another tribe (aka 'insiding') will be permanently banned from our community.

Raiding / World PvP

  • Have Fun.

Bases / Outposts

  • All tribes must remove ALL taming pens, spikes, traps etc after you are done using them if they are not at your main base (within the perimeter of it).  Permanent Taming pens are not allow at outposts (we will remove it)
  • Any type of floating base or structure is prohibited. If an admin finds a structure built to 'float' after taking damage, they will structure wipe your tribe to ensure no other floating structures exist.

Building Restrictions

  • Foundation / Pillar / Gate spamming is NOT allowed. You may not claim land you can not occupy with players and dinos immediately.
  • Some locations on our maps have been blocked off from building.

Dino Rules

  • Any dinos found on Aggressive stance wandering or otherwise unattended by your tribe will result in a tribe dino wipe.