PvP Cluster Rules

General Rules

    • Any violation of the following will result in permanent ban for the offenders & tribe members may be face additional punishment if suspected to have knowledge of.
      • BOT USAGE: including, but not limited to: Automated tasks, Aimbots, ESPs, Warnings, Anti-Cheat Protection, Enviromental Removals
      • CHEATS / HACKS: any shady stuff that you can not explain or present sufficient proof of being legit.
      • GAME ENGINE OR .INI FILE MODIFICATIONS: If suspected, you will be required to immediately provide a screenshot without relogging.
      • MACRO USAGE.
      • DUAL-BOXING.
      • UNDER-MESHING: Manipulating your character through the terrain mesh at any time.
        • Manipulating structures through the terrain mesh so they dont take damage.
        • Driving structures or turrets on a platform dino or raft through an enemy structure.
        • Placing turrets, turret mode dinos able to shoot through a structure but unable to take damage from opposite side.
      • FLOATING STRUCTURES: Anything that does not fall when it loses is foundation supports.
      • TUNNELING: Using structures to tunnel or enclosing a pathway to avoid, nullify, minimize or destroy base defenses.
      • BODY BAGS: Any overweighted & sleeping bodies being drug around or placed on dinos.
      • REAPER GLITCHING: multiple impregnations from same reaper queen.
        • Only one player may be impregnated from any reaper queen spawn.
        • ANY structures blocking bare ground in a reaper queen taming pen will be considered glitching with no further discussion.
        • Our back end tools will tell us if one queen produces multiple offspring.

    • ALL naming choices MUST adhere to AGB's Golden Rule guidelines.
    • You are prohibited from changing tribe & dino names within 24hrs of combat to hide your identity for PvP or raiding purposes.
    • No generic names - e.g. - 123, 321, Human, Survivor, Player or any other similary un-unique or unmemorable names, with exception to dinos still named their generic class name.
      • If you cannot be unique with your naming choice you will be renamed without discussion without your input on the new name.
    • MUST use printable, standard US-ASCII characters recognized by Ark's engine & logs.
      • !  "  #  $  %  &  '  (  )  *  +  ,  -  .  :  ;  <  >  =  ?  @  _  `  |  ∼  [  \  ]  {  /  }  ^
      • 1-9 A-Z a-z
      • If there is a box icon in any name, the player, tribe, dino, or structure affected will be destroyed.
    • Simply put: the list of acceptable characters above is not permission to use !#&(((- as a name.

    • Tribe names must be the same on all servers in a cluster
    • No tribe member rotations or swapping:
      • Your character MUST be in the same tribe on any other maps you transfer to.
      • You may not have more than one character anywhere in our cluster.
      • You can not poke around a map un-tribed because you just joined the map or dont plan to build there.
      • Tribes are capped at 4 players, the same 4 players across the cluster.
    • Tribe owners are accountable for every member of the tribe. Be aware of what your people are doing.
    • The tribe owner has absolute control of the tribe. All decisions by the owner are final.
      • A tribe can vote out an inactive leader. Admins will verify activity, and votes before changing ownership.
      • If all members are not in discord, we will take no action.
      • * Have an unresolvable issue with your tribe owner? Need to go separate ways? DO NOT INSIDE, see below.

  • TRIBE INSIDING/SABOTAGE aka 'insiding'
    • Will result in a permanent ban for all involved individuals no matter if you are the antagonist, supporter, beneficiary or otherwise were negligent in preventing a plot.
    • Harming your tribe's defensive abilities, progress or secrets to include, but not limited to: *
      • Sabotage, deception, disinformation, treachery, double-dealing or any other means of malice used to cripple, undermine or otherwise hurt your tribe.
      • Leaving tribe with resources, items, blueprints or dinos not explicity approved by the tribe owner or Admins.
      • Sharing information regarding your tribe's defenses, base layout, or privileged information with another tribe.
    • Parting ways with your tribe and you're unable to reach an agreement with the tribe owner? Submit at SUPPORT TICKET.
      • DO NOT INSIDE YOUR TRIBE. Speak with an admin before doing ANYTHING.
      • We can facilitate a resolution that is acceptable to all parties.

    * Any plots, planning or intent presented to Admins with compelling or conclusive evidence will be considered insiding.

    • Griefing or harrassing players or tribes will be resolved with an overwhelmingly disproportionate Admin resolution.
    • Reports of griefing MUST be presented with evidence (times, tribe logs, videos, screenshots etc.) to include time frames.
    • Situations we consider griefing or harrasing:
      • Constant or continous spawn camping, or base camping or otherwise excessively singling out a player, with the exception being during an active raid by your tribe.
      • Written or verbal harrasment that crosses the intent of our Community Rules.

    • You may not cage/incapaciate any player longer than 30 minutes, except for prisoners during a raid. *
    • * Sleeping players are still subject to the above rules.

    • Raid Prisoners:
      • During an active raid, you may cage/incapacite the opposing tribe members for the duration of the raid.
      • Post raid: prisoners MUST be released within 30 mins of the RAID END TIME (see raid rules below) OR before your tribe exits the raid site, whichever comes first.
      • Post raid: Defenders MUST release prisoners once the attackers have left the raid site.
      • 3rd party tribes who are NOT raiding can NOT cage/incapacite any tribe members involved in a active raid.

Raiding / World PvP

    • The MAIN BASE of any tribe is defined as the location where: .
      • A tribe's OGS ORP pillar is located. You MUST notifiy admins when you move your OGS ORP pillar to a new base/location.
      • Can be identified by outsiders as the base where two Large Tek Pillars are placed side by side (provided by admins when you get your OGS Pillar).
      • IF a tribe fails to place the two Large Tek Pillars side by side outside their base in a visible manner, the raid cooldowns and structure wiping rules below do NOT apply.
    • An Outpost is anything other than what defines the one singular Main Base a tribe is allowed across the whole cluster, and NEVER has any raid cooldowns or structure wiping rules.

    • RAID START TIME: Any logs showing structure destruction OR killing/deaths at any base or outpost defines the start of a raid.
    • RAID END TIME: No structure destruction in the defending tribe's logs for 1 hour defines the end of a raid. *
    • * If you are soaking turrets, and can not destroy structures, logs of kills/deaths will keep the raid end time open.

  • The SERVER DAY that the raid STARTS ON is the raid time limit you must follow. Raids have a time limit of:
  • Server Day Period
    Raid Time Limit
    * Approximate
    Realtime Week #
    Server Day 0-105
    3 hours
    Server Day 106-210
    6 hours
    Server Day 211-315
    24 hours
    Server Day 316-421
    72 hours
    Server Day 422 +

    * Factors such as server restarts, crashes, update cycles or any maintenance downtime will affect our approximations of RL time to game time.

    • IF you raid the Main Base of an enemy tribe, you will be given a raid cooldown.
    • The raid cooldown means you may not raid that enemy tribe's Main Base again for 48 hours after the RAID END TIME, whether the raid was successful or failed.
    • IF that tribe counter-raids your Main Base before that timer is up, your cooldown vs that tribe immediately ends.

    * Raid cooldowns NEVER apply to Outposts.

  • FOBs (Forward Operating Base)
    • Number of FOB's: No limits.
    • Number of turrets per a FOB: No limits.
    • Structures may be placed around your FOB to prevent counter-FOB's and to support you forward push into your target's base.

    • Structure Wiping is allowed across the cluster, with ONLY a tribe's Main Base having any restrictions.
    • You may attempt to wipe a tribe's Main Base IF you want to take over that location.
      • You MUST notify admins in discord (via a ticket) BEFORE you start your raid.
      • You MUST move your Main Base to that location, and it must remain there for at least 14 days.
      • If you attempt a structure wipe and fail, you may not raid that tribe's Main Base for 7 days.

    * These structure wiping rules are in place to stop unnecessary wiping of tribes for reasons other than Main base location claiming, and NEVER apply to structures with "Demolish Allowed" decay timers.

    • There are no rules against killing passive dinos. We have Dino Passive Protection (see Chat Commands).
    • Sniping dinos at a base or outpost is allowed; However, sniping dinos at a Main Base will be considered a raid and be subject to the Main Base cooldowns.

    • No boxed-in or armored dinos or rafts may be used in raids for any reason (attacking or defending).
    • No covered riders - shield walls are ok.
      • 1 shield wall face ONLY - as many pieces you wish in one single face of walls (e.g. front, back, left, right).
      • No overhead cover/roof allowed.
    • Turrets are allowed on uncovered rafts.
    • Its is NEVER acceptable to mesh structures/turrets on a platform dino or raft through an enemy base's structures. (driving a raft into a building to use explosives, etc)

    * During raids, defenders may NOT MOVE, REPAIR OR OTHERWISE USE any boxed in or covered rider dinos/rafts parked at their base. You may remove the covers to use as part of your raid defense.

    • Raid Prisoners:
      • During an active raid, you may cage/incapacite the opposing tribe members for the duration of the raid.
      • Post raid: ALL prisoners MUST be released within 30 mins of the RAID END TIME OR before your tribe exits the raid site, whichever comes first.
      • 3rd party tribes who are NOT raiding can NOT cage/incapacite any tribe members involved in a active raid.

    • Any FOB's, structures or dinos you use to raid MUST be removed from the raid site before your tribe leaves the raid site. *
    • Clean up your structures and dinos, PERIOD. Failure to do so will result in a structure/dino wipe cluster wide (i.e ALL maps).

    * IF your raid is unsuccessful due to being pushed away or countered by ANYONE, you are NOT required to clean your raid structures/dinos.

Building Restrictions For Bases, Outposts, Turrets, Taming Pens

    • Bases & outposts MUST be a 100% functional building. Obvious spawn boxes at/near beacon drops will be AOE wiped. *
      • Funtional building = has crafting stations, storage, beds.

      * Non-Functional buildings, structures or spawn boxes will be considered structure spam.

    • FOBs for Extinction Oribital Supply Drops & Element Veins events.
      • You may build a temporary FOB or use other structures/turrets to assist.
      • All structures & turrets MUST be removed before you leave the event area.

    • The distance beween perimeter "walls" & a functional building must NOT exceed 25 foundations at any point measured.
    • Base perimeter expansions MUST stay within the 25 foundation rule at all times (building expansions before perimeter expansions).
    • A BASE / OUTPOST PERIMETER is defined as:
      • Gates, pillars, spikewalls, turret towers, or any structures blocking land access by players or dinos OR random crap delineating your "space".
      • Terrain features blocking land access by players or dinos (i.e. cave mouths, canyon walls, etc.).

    • Open world auto turrets are allowed, EXCEPT where listed in the Blocking Access list below.

    • No restrictions on Taming Pens - if you're unhappy about another tribe's taming pen, remove it with prejudice.

    • FORBIDDEN in open world - we will structure wipe your tribe.
    • Single/double foundations/pillars etc. will be considered spam.

  • BLOCKING ACCESS IS FORBIDDEN (via buildings, structures, turrets, dinos etc) to any of the following:
    • Another tribe's base, except during a raid.
    • Obelisk, Boss, Tek Terminals.
    • Artifact & Loot cave entrances, exits or pathing.
    • Artifacts, cave & water loot crates.
    • Aberration map - surface entrances, exits or pathing.
    • Valguero map - Aberration biome cave entrances, exits or pathing.
    • Center map - Underworld entrances, exits or pathing.
    • Wyvern Scars/Nests, & Drake Trench/Nests
    • Player spawn points / zones - if a player spawns within your building or Base Perimeter, or your turrets shoot people upon spawning, your structures will be AOE wiped. Do NOT build end-game bases in player spawn zones.

Dino / Raft Rules

  • No boxed in or armored platform dinos.
  • Covered riders for platform dinos & rafts are allowed for open world uses. *
    • ANY boxed in or covered riders (platform dino or raft) used AT/NEAR an active raid will result in a tribe dino wipe, no matter if you were participating in the raid or not.

    * During raids, defenders may NOT MOVE, REPAIR OR OTHERWISE USE any boxed in or covered rider dinos/rafts parked at their base. You may remove the covers to use as part of your raid defense.