AGB PvE Tribes

AGB offers an OPT-IN only ‘PvE’ option for the casual tribes that want to play, but don’t have the time or desire to be the hot shot PvP player.


  • All tribe members must be in discord and in your tribe role
  • Once any player commits to a PvE mode, they will be PvE for rest of the cluster.
  • PvE tribes can not be raided, but will be unable to raid (forced NPP)
  • PvE tribes may sell and trade with PvP Tribes.
  • PvE tribes are not immune to World PvP, but are NEVER allowed to initiate World PvP.
  • PvE tribes that are toxic in chat in ANY way will lose PvE Status. This means we will wipe your tribe, you will all start over at level 1 and you and your mouth can go be that PvP badass that your mouth seems to think you are.

Community PvP and PvE Interaction

The PvE players can breed, farm, build mansions of glass, run bosses and have fun.  This gameplay can and should be used to barter with PvP tribes that seek the best dinos, the best crafted weapons and armor, and even tour guided boss runs.

In turn, the PvP tribes can focus on doing what they love to do- Raid and world PvP.  You can focus on defenses and offensive needs by bartering raiding dinos and gear.  You don't have to worry about getting breeding lines, protecting breeding lines, and hours upon hours of farming to be raid ready!  Buy what you need, go destroy your foes!  Be the Alpha your momma raised you be!   Got wiped for your mouthhole being too loud? Who cares?  That PvE tribe you have been working with will outfit you for your revenge rampage (and might even throw in a wheelbarrow and a cloak!)


Risks and Rewards

  • This mixed gameplay modes offers all sides something beneficial.  However, there will be villians on both sides of of the fence.  PvP Tribes trade and interact with PvE tribes at their own risk!  Did you pay that PvE tribe to hold onto your fat lootz and you find out they sold it to your nemesis or even quit playing?  Suck it up buttercup.    Did a PvP tribe renege on the 20% loot split from their epic raid yesterday?  Too bad, you can't raid them (but you could pay someone else to do it for you).


  • How do I request to be a PvE Tribe?
    • Your tribe must have a tribe role in discord. All members must be in the role. Admins will confirm each member understands the requirements and limitations. Once done, admins will set your tribe up as a PvE Tribe
  • Can we defend ourselves in PvP?
    • If you are attacked in World PvP, you are encouraged to defend yourselves. PvE tribes are not permitted to go out SEEKING and initiating World PvP.
  • Can PvE tribes actively participate in any raiding?
    • No. While PvP tribes can go to any PvE tribes base to purchase supplies / dinos during a raid, PvE tribes can not be anywhere near an active raid. Period.
  • PvE tribes can’t be raided! What happens if PvP tribes store good loot with PvE Tribes?
    • We encourage PvE tribes to act as bankers and insurance companies for the PvP Tribes! Got wiped after that epic weekend Raid? Hopefully your favorite PvE tribe will be willing to give you back your stuff after a wipe. Maybe they’ll store it for you, maybe they’ll sell it to another PvP tribe for better resources.