AGB Patreon Benefits

Patreon Benfits for Ark

Our Patreon perks are to thank the people that choose to support or community.  AGB is not a 'pay to win' community and we will never offer PvP based rewards that will allow tribes to gain an advantage over others.

Become a Patreon
Early Access to New Clusters

Patreon supporters are given early access to new clusters (when timing permits!). This is one of the core perks that we can offer that does not affect the balance of PvP on our cluster.

  • Patreons get 2 hours of Early Access at 1x xp.
  • Taming is not permitted during Early Access
Discord Tribe Logs

Patreons get access to Tribe logs in Discord so you can monitor your tribe outside of game.

  • Logs will display for all servers you are on.
  • Logs are only accessible to the Patreon member. Non Patreon tribe mates can not view the logs.
Dino Painting

The dino coloring command will allow you color dinos that you own. You can color any valid region for that dino, and you can color it with any valid color the command is run in your chat window:

/sdc <region> <color>

  • if you are looking at a rex, /sdc 0 1 would paint his body red.
  • To determine the valid regions for each dino, you need to go to the ark dino page for each dino
  • The valid colors you can use are located here
Turret Filler

Patreons will have a slightly larger bubble for filling their turrets up than regular players

  • Bullets must be in your own inventory
  • /fill to fill your turrets
Ark Shop

In addition to the normal resource / apex items in the store, patreons will have access to obtain skins via the store and other cosmetics

Web App Extras

Patreons are given access to extra information in the Web App.

Longer Decay timers

Patreon supporters will not have to worry about structures across the cluster decaying for 2 full weeks

  • This is a cluster wide setting. All structures across the cluster are connected via decay timers