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AGB Season 21

Season 21 Schedule- Updated Feb 25th, 2020

Here is the schedule for our Launch, the implementation of the Newcomer cluster and information on the integration of Genesis.

Launch Day (February 25th)
PvP Cluster
  • Early access will launch for Patreons as soon as Genesis drops and we have the map setup. Patreons will have access for one hour.
  • Public launch of the PvP Cluster will take place soon after the Patreon Early access is completed. (about 15 minutes between)
  • Genesis Transfers on the PvP Cluster will be limited to character only (no items or dinos) on the PvP Cluster for a mimimum of 7 days while we assess the new content for PvP Balance.
  • During the first week the following dinos will not be tameable: Ice/Forest/Desert Titans, Griffins, Managarmr, Rock/Ice/Chalk Golems, and Gasbags
  • Since Genesis is a weekday Launch, ORP protection will be INSTANT and you will be 100% immune from Offline raiding. This is to help those who do not have time during the weekdays to play as much.
  • No New Player protection will be in place for the first week. NPP for new players will begin on March 2nd, along with normal ORP settings.
PvE Cluster
  • Genesis Transfers on the PvE Cluster will not be restricted in any way.
  • PvE- Public Launch will take place as soon as Genesis drops and we have the map setup. All Patreon Early Access for PvE is completed.
Newcomer PvP Cluster (March 7thth)
  • Newcomer cluster will launch at 2pm Central on Saturday,March 7th
  • Players will level on this cluster until Saturday, March 14th
  • Starting Sunday, March 15th at 10 am Central, the Newcomer cluster will be connected to the PvP cluster allowing the Newcomer's to move to the main cluster.
  • Players will have until Thursday, March 19th at 11:00 pm Central time to get fully moved.