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AGB Season 22

Season 22 Updates- June 7th, 2020

Effective June 7th, here are the changes made to the PvP cluster

Raid Cooldowns
  • Tribes are now limited to raiding 2 different tribes within 24 hours.
  • This limit does not apply to any raid where both sides planned or agree to an online raid with each other.
New Players
  • New players to the cluster will have 7 days of protection.
  • After this 7 days are up, or if the tribe leader disables it early, they are fair game.
Offline Protection
  • The OGS Offline Raid Protection will have a 5 minute activation timer
  • If you show up to raid a tribe and they simply log off becuase they don't want to pvp, move on to another tribe. There is no penalty for tribes that choose to combat log.
  • We are focusing on encouraging tribes to engage with each other for mutual pvp. If you just randomly show up at a tribes base to raid it, there is a good chance they will just combat log if they aren't prepared, have the time, not in the mood etc.
Soul Terminals
  • All tribes will be permitted to have one soul terminal that MUST be located at their main base (with their OGS)
  • This will allow tribes to release dinos from Soul Pods at their base without cryo sickness penalities.
  • The range of the Soul Terminal effect is 25 foundations
  • The Soul terminals can not be picked up once placed, so be sure you know where you want to place it.
  • If a soul terminal is not placed at your base, but is instead used at a FOB to raid another tribe, it will result in your tribe being wiped. This is a QOL Perk for your base, not a raid tool.
Cryopod Nerf
  • Dinos released from Cryopods will have a 90% damage dealt nerf and a 25% increased incoming damage buff applied for 15 seconds.
Geneis Cryopods
  • Genesis Cryopod purchases have been disabled via a mod. Anyone attempting to purchase Cryopods will get Cystal instead.
  • Usage of existing Cryopods is banned. If you have any, remove the dinos, pod them up in a Soul pod and popcorn your cryopods. Using them gives the ability to drop 2 dinos in combat which is going around the intent. Anyone found with Cryopods will lose them (plus some additional penalties at our discretion)