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Our Community

We are over 2000 members strong, and many have been gaming together here for 18 years. Our community is a family with members from varying lifestyles, beliefs and values: primarily adults with full time jobs and active family commitments. We come together to game to enjoy our precious free time!

Drama Free Gaming

AGB is primarily a family friendly community that welcomes everyone, but we have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who violates any of our community Standards

Dedicated Servers

We host our own hardware in our office to provide the best possible connection with a business class Fiber connection to provide lag free gameplay.

Private Patreon Servers

In addition to public severs, we offer private advanced PvP servers to our Patreons.  These servers are for members only and have no rules.  Just mature game play.

Strong Admin Presence

We have a number of admins from all timezones to help provide support nearly any time of day.  They are very active in discord and in game.

Active Community

AGB has been gaming together for 18+ years.  Our members have a very strong bond in game and out. We look out for one another!

Active Discord

Our Discord community is 2000+ members strong.  Come hang out, get to know others and keep up on all things Ark. (Plus you can see other games AGB is involved with)

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Public PvPvE Cluster

Our Public PvPvE cluster is open to all is geared towards more casual Players.  These Servers have significant rules to ensure that new and casual players can have an opportunity to learn, socialize and progress, yet still have a life outside of Ark.

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Patreon Advanced PvP Cluster

Our Patreon only advanced PvP cluster is for those players looking for more advanced PvP with mature adults that still want drama free gaming.  The only rules this cluster has is our community guidelines.

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Primitive No Flyers PvP Valguero

For those Players looking for a more a more old school, low tech approach, we offer Primitive PvP on the new Valguero Map.  This is regular Ark with everything metal and above removed.  This gameplay mode is purely about your PvP Skills.  This map is not clustered with any other map.

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